Jan-Dirk Spoering

Jan-Dirk Spöring is a third year PhD student at the research center in the group of Prof. Dörte Rother in Jülich, Germany, and interested in the application of biocatalysis in organic solvents for the production of fine chemicals and fuels. He acquired his Master of Science in Biotechnology in 2018 at the university of Münster, Germany, and is currently pursuing his PhD at the RWTH Aachen University.
As a part of The Fuel Science Center he works together with biologists, chemists, and engineers on the production of near-to-zero combustion systems and fuels. The latter can also serve as a bridgde for the transformation of the chemical industry away from fossil ressources to renewables.

SESSION III - Multiphase Biocatalytic Systems
May, 07 | 09:15 - 16:50