Carmen Boeriu

Carmen G. Boeriu graduated with honours at the University “Politehnica” of Timisoara, Romania, the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, with a major in organic chemistry and technology (1978), and obtained her PhD at the same university, on a topic related to peroxidase-catalysed oxidation and polymerization of phenols and aromatic amines. After few years with industry, she started a carrier in research and education, first in Romania (in 1981) and then in the Netherlands (in 1991). In 1986, as a holder of an UNDP-grant, she did an internship with prof. Alex Klibanov at MIT, Cambridge, USA, specialising in enzymatic reactions in non-conventional media. In 1991, she joined Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, in Wageningen, The Netherlands, first as visiting scientist and then as senior scientist. Along the years, she set up and coordinated the research on applied biocatalysis for the production of fine and bulk chemicals, with emphasis on bioactive ingredients, and biobased monomers and polymers derived from renewable resources and carbon dioxide, and the development of functional materials derived from biopolymers, including stimuli responsive polymers.

SESSION III - Multiphase Biocatalytic Systems
May, 07 | 09:15 - 16:50