Fabio Tonin

Dr. Fabio Tonin obtained a master degree in Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology in 2013 at the Insubria University (Varese, Italy). After that he has continued with his PhD studies in Biotechnology in the same faculty in collaboration with the interuniversity research centre “The Protein Factory”. His thesis concerned the development of an enzymatic tool-box for lignin degradation.

During the PhD, he gains his competency in enzyme expression and purification, screening development and optimisation of biocatalytic reactions.

He received the PhD degree in 2016 and subsequently had a postdoctoral research fellow working on the development of an enzymatic cascade for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals ingredients in the department of Applied Science, TU Delft.

Since last Monday, he is covering the position of Research Scientist at Givaudan, Switzerland.

SESSION IV - Flow-Based Bioprocesses
May, 08 | 09:15 - 12:40